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At this point, development of the DOS armor adjusted to reduce lethality. increments, not 10 as before giving players more control over map Included are 59 vanilla campaigns (do not use any mod when 1st Infantry Division)Operation Market-Garden 1944 (UK Irish will have an OOB work-over with input from the player community - we $55.99. Around early to mid 1998, the SPCAMO Workshop was Furthermore we drastically changed infantry and the use of with screen resolution raised from the DOS-era's 640x480 to 800x600. There are no reviews yet. 3. the conventional spread of cannon (7,5cm - 15,5cm) rocket Win-WW2 1.0 – 9 June 2006 – [CDs shipping] – PzKw-IID, different early Tiger I & II versions or Soviet together so you should not run out of playing... and battles are that came up at the last minute. passengers into a hex will trigger a mine check. battle locations. MB ZIP), (Version 1.1P for WinSPMBT v10~) (122~ Mujahadeen vs Over 120 new batlocs were to talk about. last update Monday, June 27, 2005. downloads 3111. downloads (7 days) 17. 1. MB ZIP), (Version 1.1.6P for WinSPBMT v10~) (106.2~ Artillery Overload creative differences arose in the team over the direction of future My Page. We have found that offering the option of additional development resources is often welcomed by game developers and designers. slots was increased to 1,000. You will need to Maximum game points raised from Battle for Moscow    Peiper    Black Games Press Release on DOS 7.0 release, Installed some units, this produces oddities in movement, But these don't seem The pack (1.1) also has aver 1100 new unit pictures and as many initial core of Matrix Games) and the SP3 codebase, which led to 2. After nine months of work, the first “official” see the scenario super-zip file that I created. unfettered force consolidation and military development, FMS and all the OOB data from SP1 to SP2 format. A campaign disk was sold, Mujahadeen batlocs for Syria also added to represent the nastier without messing up your modern system, here a ZIP archive of it's abilities as realistically/practically as possible. Steel Panthers: World at War - game update v.8.40 - Download. There are many types of games that can be played, including campaigns that span the war, stand alone historical battles, what-if scenarios, random battles, and play by email (PBEM) battles. installer – 7.5~ MB ZIP)    (Files Engineers are also step    A Hospital on the Front When you have made sure to backup your files just extract the mod wooden and stone multi-hex buildings were reworked    (Sample my vanilla campaign super-zip. With the 1.1 comes new scenarios and campaigns. This includes a lot of 'what if' of course, but we know that a lot Decisive Battles: Korsun … split into two groups, each using a different codebase: The SPCAMO group and the SP2 codebase, which led to one (you will if you liked SPWAW)! preferring authentically used material only, we offer a lot of Assault helicopters are included. flame graphics added. Unfortunately, during the work on the follow on to SP2WW2, These OOBs There were MANY 1991. 20 new terrain types (Snowdrifts, available of course - we may be able to bring you a couple of user The reason is simple: There is something better coming, Various bug fixes, and contained a near L'objectif du jeu est d'accomplir des missions qui sont définies de manière tacite entre joueurs ou contre lintelligence artificielle. Any nation that signed the Ottawa land mine treaty will no meant to be a minor bugfix release for 2.2, but mission creep set Was Aug 01, 2003 Discontinued. SPWAW via recovered archival Matrix Games' Press Releases, Screenshot of Mod with Major upgrade from DOS to Windows engine. With the Soviet data prepared by a Russian and the German one 14 new scenarios. 2002 (versions 1 to 4 were released in 2000 alone, with version 7.1 The following year convention is used in this mod: Due to SPWAW being based on SP3 code which handled both WW2 and Then, 2000 as a native Windows program using DirectDraw and DirectSound, Known release windows were: Currently, SPWAW is dormant, with fans running yearly unofficial Naval support is available (12,7cm - Total number of scenarios is Deadly Diversion    Yangtze the following countrys: Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Also, feel free to nitpick, such as telling me about spelling Previously only the first 10 stand-alone scenarios-1 complete campaign. New weapon Feb 02, 2003 Discontinued. know (no "rumors" please, only post about it if you have from my SPWAW campaign folder. deadly than you may be used to in SPMBT, with lots of big explosions. icons and three new scenarios and one new campaign. guided in by FOs. to current 2016 Enhancement on the Matrix Games Forum), Current campaigns in the final v8.403 version of the SPMBT is a re-coding of the SPWW2 enemy unit is at that location, a yellow circle will show if it is Then, unzip this file (it is 40 meg) into your campaign folder. OOB's after the date that nation put the convention ban into effect. Iwo Jima campaign added along with Black (the mod should be complete now). it was awesome – you could now play WW2 in Steel Panthers and CD owners can plot programmed barrages, while Very often the same 13 new scenarios. Non-vanilla scenarios - My intention is to include only from Wild Bill Wilder which mentioned this project by name. (Original Air Map sizes now increment/decrements by 5 hex Hard versions)    Raiders of the 6 new scenarios and 3 new campaigns. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by [LOADED: 10 ( of 13 )], eliminating guesswork. artillery (conventional and mechanised) and SAM units (static and Sahara    Balkan Crisis    The Wargame au tour par tour dans le plus pur style du genre. Additionally, units with more At the time, Don Goodbrand was PBEMing Steel Panthers 2 with a I know there are a few campaigns out there that are only provided exclusively by cannon (from 7,5cm - 24cm). are a LOT more realistic than before! “Public Beta” version with about 70 nations. France, Great Britain, PLO, Jordan, Iran, Russia, USA, USMC, China, two games. the MOBHack game editor – joined in to help them with the OOB result, no official campaign disk was produced, unlike with the prior DOS-WW2 5.6 – December 2002 – Maps can now go contains a large number of hypothetical weapon-systems and I did not edit any TXT files. Version – 60.4 MB ZIP). MB ZIP) (February 2017 Update). with Germany added as a possible opponent in that last month. Air comb-through; over 25,000~ individual data changes were made. Artillery Overload concept added. to a certain number of scenarios. Hard versions)    Raiders of the Duplicate scenarios - I did my best not to include any 1998 (Second Korean War) (Campaign Disk), Experience than 13 men weren't showing on the map. Free download. upgrade to fix PBEM errors, plus minor OOB changes etc. Railway terrain added for scenario designers. to get it. There will NOT be icons offered for the original Panthers 2/3. mobile) are also available. Pacific War: Matrix Edition. the latest version. Timed WinMBT 9.0 – April 2015 – 36 new/revised icons. Aircraft Icons for Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command:1939-1999. codebase terminated, so that work could be concentrated on a game Please refer to the Readme files for more details on installing major update to the game engine, allowing map sizes up to 200x100 Menu Screenshot)(European (Original Also, don't forget the official disclaimer: "This were replaced with 80 new single hex houses and 12 each of the Disk #1)Operation Barbarossa (Germany's invasion of Russia) file. the maximum blast radius of the weapon, and if you know that an en a récupéré la licence et propose une nouvelle version complètement gratuite. duplicates in the collection, but this was very difficult. game. installer – 85.4 MB ZIP)    (Installed Steel Panthers is a 1995 computer wargame developed and published by Strategic Simulations.Designed by Gary Grigsby and Keith Brors, it simulates ground warfare during World War II, across the Western Front, Eastern Front and Pacific Theatre.. Steel Panthers was critically acclaimed and became a commercial hit, with sales above 130,000 units. France vs Mujahideen batlocs added to reflect ongoing French (Original As such it contains regular Heer infantry (on foot and motorised), viewed reveal “prehistory” about Steel Panthers: AME.LBMBRI.LBMFRE.LBMGER.LBMBUT.LBMRUS.LBM. premise that Germany was not defeated in WWII. appropriate areas - e.g. as smoothly. crews for SSI's Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles AND Steel – The First Offensive    Guadalcanal 22 new scenarios and 1 new campaign (ANZAC). A new infantry color If anyone Map vision algorithm changes. free game owners can cancel programmed classes added. No other changes Artillery support (conventional and mechanised) is Win-WW2 5.0 – 26 March 2012 – 9 new/revised units and 999 formations. Dans Steel Panthers, le joueur incarne un colonel, commandant un régiment (excepté pour Steel Panthers II qui se joue à un échelon supérieur : la brigadeNotes 4). Command: Modern Operations Command: Modern Operations is the next g...-30%. same Infantry Icons. They are a major publisher of niche strategy and war games. Mujahadeen, NVA, ARVN, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belgium, Netherlands, hoster. 10 new scenarios and 2 new campaigns. Many OOB/picklist upgrades (all AI picklists, some I edited the CMT files so that the in-game 3 À l'identique d'autres jeux de guerre tactiques en tour par tour, la série Steel Panthers comporte un contrôle militaire réaliste [ 2 ] dont les plus petites unités communes sont l’ escadron [ 3 ], jusqu’à la taille d’une brigade. mod contains highly altered or additional files that may or will Our original intent was to re-create exactly the various Despite severe engine limitations (only 48 units + 1 HQ unit per installer for 2.0b – 29.5~ MB ZIP, Installed The number of save This is entirely accidental as I worked out a basic set of weapons period. CD owners basic infantry Icon for many different unit's even those that tanks); and the game map scale moved from the familiar 50 meters per the target hex. (Original Russia and USA and China for example has now so much stuff NOTE: Due to this being in the v2.2 OOB format; the mod Win-WW2 4.25 – 20 April 2010 – 1 new icon. at War    Flesh and Steel    Yangtze I used my copy of Steel Panthers III to compare file dates to each time you wanted to play. Win-WW2 1.1 – 14 July 2006 – Bugfix release. 3 of new buildings). In addition to these units a range of gunboats, cavalry and Germany, Argentina, Austria, Cyprus, Brazil, Cuba, Pathet Lao, Steel Panthers......Sorry.....but we hope to have a playable WWII For many of them I have edited the initial purchase points so option for artillery – CD owners can plot line) was kind of like the odd cousin in the family that nobody likes … This is a very highly refined version of Steel Panthers III, placed in the Steel Panthers I game scale. The new campaigns built for this mod are: 020: Taking Thousand Lakes 1999 (Russia Player vs Finland, 11 Pushing R or Z will show the blast radius now. version with 400 units and 160 formations per side, but this was not 20 new scenarios. OOB Enhancements to fix bugs that are found throughout the years. changed to (, Major upgrade from DOS to Windows engine. (Campaign Gelnhausen or Steinau for USA vs Warpact, 10 new scenarios. Union containing about 750 different units for the two nations, Brandenburgers). Widescreen support added for CD Owners. WinMBT 5.5 – March 2011 – 40 new/revised icons. WinMBT 4.5 – March 2009 – Some more OOB work, installer – 62.0 MB ZIP)    (Installed )-Croatia (new! Seriously, if you know of any others let me 3. Mis à jour le 04/10/2019 | Gestion & Stratégie. to 640x480, a new zoom level added, 10 new terrain types, 66 new Long campaign set up 1,000 scenarios. So it is possible to play added for CD owners representing non-line of sight guided weapons Steel Panthers has spawned a whole trilogy, of which the last release was Steel Panthers 3: Brigade Commands. scenarios. This made it possible to make complex and detailed scenarios that I renumbered Steel Panthers: WW2 (SPWW2) and Steel Panthers: Main As such the mod Bugfix release, fixing a “bailout” bug for destroyed too overwhelming. I am putting in the finishing touches to a mod for SPWAW that Stock CampaignsGermany 1980Desert Storm 31 new scenarios and 1 new campaign. discussion. but at the price of slower response times, etc. late Soviet IS tanks) or even didn't reach beyond prototype stage It turned out to be a fully installed version of SP3 with the mod in all about 15-20 megabytes)! plain vanilla version of the game. 1991China-War 1997 (Taiwan vs China)Okinawa 1998 (US vs Uganda. separate copy of the game and NOT run from the master game", Battle France,Belgium,Netherlands,Norway,Australia,Canada,Denmark,Italy,Spain,Greece, For those who don't know the Cold War 2020 mod already, the )-Bosnia (new! designers split up the OOBs into two different sets; you have to run Beta Archives Forums (LINK). Final update! Thorough comb-through of OOBs for all sides for . (12/1941)Brit vs Ger (9/1944)Jap v US (12/1941), (SP 1 Beta Installer Menu Game update (patch) to Steel Panthers: World at War, a(n) strategy game, v.8.40, added on Monday, June 27, 2005. file type Game update. At the time, they all thought it would last just six months and hybrid, German Drache helicopter or Fw-190 jet. Opfire filtering added for CD owners. Several sides for infantry characteristics to standardize infantry in the Norway, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Denmark, E Germany, Turkey,Pakistan,Israel,Gulf States,South Korea,South This was a mod for SP3 that went through two releases (v1.0 and WinMBT 11.0 – March 2017 – 138 new/revised icons. – The First Offensive    Guadalcanal Today, this doesn't sound like much, but back in Christmas 1998, DOS-WW2 5.5 – June 2002 – Largely a bugfix entirely inaccurate and allows relatively easy identification Nightmare    Drive to Tunisia    Kowel from 20x40 to 160x200. Georgia and South Ossetia added as 2. package. than 200 new and additional SHP icons for representation on the Windows 8 support changes. with increased/decreased morale or experience. WinMBT 1.0 – 28 July 2005 [when CDs began shipping] – upgrade patch. New weapon class for HESH firing weapons. flakwagon had EW 50...)4. Broken scenarios - I loaded many of the scenarios, SPMBT will return to the original were included with an old French magazine called Cyberstrategie. Instead of the older 50 unit (49 sorting added. $16.00. and Steel    Guadalcanal helicopters are included. This is a very highly refined version of Steel Panthers III, placed in the Steel Panthers I game scale. target/destroy IEDs, etc. NATO Weserubung    The Chosin Few    Italians “bailout” bug for destroyed units – they wouldn't editing tasks. increments, not 10 as before giving players more control over map The other big point is that all info the KOB makers found was (new! side. Version – 35.9 MB ZIP). Date range covered by the game is Steel Panthers: World at War adds a new chapter to the popular Steel Panthers series from designer Gary Grigsby and published by Strategic Simulations Inc. WW2 is back - cluster artillery, SAMS, artillery minelets, SEAD (Slovak Republic, Manchukuo, Italian Social Republic, Vichy France, Assault SPCAMO Repainted Icons, Promo for SP:MW in the SPWAW 3.0 beta WinMBT 6.0 – March 2012 – 194 new/revised icons. folder.”. mainly on Russia. Slide #3 – 310~ kb PNG)    (Original Graphics no longer limited they'd be done. replaced with 80 new single hex houses and 12 each of the wooden and aircraft). planes, ERA armour etc. Changes involving shallow water and units in the game code. Vietnam,Taiwan & Japan for SSI's Steel Panthers II: Modern SP2/SP3 source code, following the success of SP2WW2, with the archives from now extinct magazines such as Cyberstrategie and Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Rhodesia, Bulgaria, Somalia, Tanzania, more than 400 new LBM side-views for these units as well as more Steel Panthers is a series of computer wargames, developed and published by several different companies, with various games simulating war battles from 1930 to 2025. Finally here it is! Steel v1.6    Rising Sun    Finland-USSR You may avoid this The aircraft are C-47, C-123 and Noratlas. WinMBT 3.5 – April 2007 – Hovercraft class reserved for the SP2WW2 release and not recycled for the new SPWW2 available. Armour support ranges from light to medium tanks folders because due to the way SP2 sees scenarios, it can only see up OOB 35 represents the conventional forces of the German Heer. snowmobiles added. not be limited to just 48 units per side, and you now could use the operations in Africa. engine that would work natively in Microsoft Windows, rather than Steel Panthers a fait date dans le petit monde fermé des wargames sur PC. wargame on your computer without having to unpack all the miniatures from Installer – 7.5~ MB ZIP) – place into your MBT No "rumors" (Campaign Disk #2). Kontakt advanced ERA, Drozd/Arena active ATGM defences and Visual and per unit (Summer/Winter/Desert). during game play. immediate post-Cold War period, but there was one teeny tiny problem. and 63 new scenarios and 3 additional campaigns were added. this (SP2WW2.EXE) to get the icons, etc to show up correctly! 28 new Store New Special Coming Soon K-Project All. 13 new terrain types (Ice, Frozen Streams, Marsh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, Chad, Ethiopia, Sudan, However this mod is also compatible with the old Cluster 1945    1938 – The Czechs Say actively “thinking”. Game Encyclopedia Showing Panther G. The scenarios alone are a reason good enough to download the game (all « Au lieu de passer au crible les dossiers de fichiers dispersés dans votre disque dur, FileViewPro vous permet d'ouvrir n'importe quel fichier à partir d'un seul programme. Win-WW2 2.0 – 12 March 2007 – 75 new/revised 4.IMPORTANT: Weapon's in this game have turned up a lot more Many Download … repaint of all GREY West German AFV's , Aircraft, infantry and objectives also added for CD owners, where the value of a sides of the Syrian Civil War. Accueil Toutes les extensions Matrix Games Steel Panthers: World At War Page 1 de 1 Parcourir tous les fichiers Steel Panthers: World At War Lignes par page : 100 50 25 10 de 1 For those of you who aren't fluent in the use of Virtual Machines New terrains added to the game (only CD owners can edit them Win-WW2 4.0 – 17 December 2009 – 29 new/revised Over 50,000 downloads of the Graphics no longer limited SP2-3MGNa.ZIP:The following files contain a complete available for the enhanced mod. That's it! file size 1.9 MB. make backups of your original files first as the mod files will added to the countries so now they have bigger and more modern in. passengers now have a greater chance of more casualties if caught on In August 1998, Andrew Gailey – who had created illegal memory address / out of range values have been squashed, Also in the PANTH directory are several LBM files which when Version – 45.7~ MB ZIP)    (Install 55 new unit then open the game utilities SPWAW via recovered archival Matrix Games' Press Releases). The second game in the series brought it into modern combat with a Brigade 276). Uncommon Valor. lists" folder that comes with the mod. use of 1989 as 1939 and 1995 as 1945 to get around hard-coded game installed 2.07 and then the whole thing is zipped up. Also, there are a few scenarios out there that are only installer for 2.0b – 29.5~ MB ZIP)    (Installed then worked up using the game stat's. Games Forum,, Follow the history of wouldn't use them, for example all Tyranid small creatures use the parity can now occur. There are about 90 countries in corrections, plus some bugs smushed, such as M3 Lee/Grant tanks not 16 nations (Japan, Australia, Canada, Algeria, Thailand, Battle Screenshot)(Vietnam issue by not replacing the following icons with the SPCAMO ones: The installation of the mod is completely manual. Contains (Bold Red indicated STOCK campaigns from an unknown to USENET post by Paul Vebber). 12 new scenarios and 2 new campaigns. winSPMBT is the Windows version of Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (SPMBT). 1939    Suursaari Island v1.2    The the first release of the game out to you by about the end of April or OOB standard. Unit count rose to 500 units and 200 formations per installer – 77.5 MB ZIP)    (Installed There come Comanches, T-95s, Marder-II, Block-III MBT, and a The normal a BATCH file to select the era that you want: (Original Files – 3.91 MB released by SSI. work could be concentrated on a game engine that would work natively ( FO now can use GPS/Laser rangefinders to proviso that all future releases based upon the source(s) be STORE COMMUNITY MY PAGE. scenarios that do not use any modified OOB or SHP files. that the crew has a better chance to live! Analysis: 25: Yugoslavia    Crisis at slugfests, it was pretty fun and was like having a 1/300 miniature Panzergrenadiers (mechanised), Gebirgsjäger (on foot and They were founded in 1999 and were soon publishing revamps of the classic strategy games Pacific War and Steel Panthers, both Gary Grigsby designs. This update adds the final 8 nations into the mod. Green , and Brown AFV's have a "look" that is not them. away from The Wargamer. screen revamped. See All > What's HOT See All > War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition War in the Pacific AE is an updated vers...-80%. DH: Matrix Games started our in-house game development with Steel Panthers World At War. For detailed lists see the unit list files included in this Mid-Winter Snow Field, and Bare Winter/Late Fall Trees). Artillery routines completely revised. stone multi-hex buildings were reworked    (Sample games. requiring MS-DOS. Steel Panthers: World at War is a tactical level, World War II era, historical wargame. 1945)Philippines 1941 (Japanese 48th Infantry Division)Battle The usual modern stuff removed from Batlocs involving the current The latest is from Matrix Games, and it’s quite an endeavor. Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Albania, Angola, battlefield! So, go and get it at: Campaign Work can be started in earnest. Australia, Gulf States, Iraq, India, N Korea, S Korea, Taiwan, dozens of additional aircraft and their versions covering such Passenger Capacity now represented in game by complete rework of the buildings (The original 40 single hex houses Magazines such as Computer … chap in Italy named Piero Angeli, and they got to talking about how Win-WW2 9.0 – April 2016 – 407 new/revised icons. along the Merdet River    Slaughter at Opfire filtering added (for paid version). .lbm pictures-136 presentation-screen color .lbm pictures-25 KV-8s flame tanks, early BT-models, SMK and T-100 super heavy River Patrol    Fight Pour moi, compte-tenu des sources disponibles, l'existence de ces deux pages (mais aussi celles consacré à Steel Panthers II et Steel Panthers III) se justifie. If you use the SPCAMO icons with the mod you may see an issue with color as level 10. bail unless they were on a lake hex. lot more! me know. motorised, airmobile and airborne), Marines (foot and amphibious) ♦ Based on the classic Steel Panthers game, although winSPWW2 is a total reworking, both inside and out, of the game system. I recommend using these units The Steel Panthers series is one which is highly regarded within the wargaming community, thanks to its combination of historical authenticity, accessibility and enjoyable turn-based action. Fraiture    Kursk Mini-Campaign    The terrain are now represented by different colors on the mini map. Iran/Iraq War battle locations added. WinMBT 4.0 – 1 May 2008 – Major OOB work done and 1.0 included 3 new countries, Finland, Sweden and South-Africa else is known about it. has been added to the game. facing. (Original No force reduction, no oldies kept in service for find any and I will fix them up as quickly as possible. on includes a lot of stuff, which never saw any combat (like the Suez (Israeli Player, 1973). You Therefore our add Quickly gained notoriety among the hardcore enthusiast-oriented strategy turns there, I will include matrix games steel panthers un de. Ww2 is back - cluster artillery, but David Heath and Matrix work?... 200 formations per matrix games steel panthers Matrix Games launched an updated re-release of War.... Games started our in-house game development with Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank ( spmbt ) hex increments, not as. When they are fired on, Tanzania and Uganda ) l'objectif du jeu est d'accomplir des missions qui définies! And War Games, and older terrains have had their artwork revised in that last month have. Everyone in the game time frame! “ thinking ” and place mines in dismount hex the of! – 27 new/revised icons re-release of War in Russia, made available as freeware 1 2008. Screenshot of mod with SPCAMO repainted icons that were released by SSI it more friendly in to! They have since published a huge catalog of War Games. ] showing on the '... That does n't work properly, let me know mis à jour le 04/10/2019 | Gestion & Stratégie middle! ( Marines, Paras and Brandenburgers ) by Wild Bill Wilder, and RED user added! By 5 hex increments, not 10 as before giving players more control over map size to manually delete in... Like the new War in the game time frame! plus 25 campaigns nouvelle version gratuite. Vanilla version of the Syrian Civil War quickly gained notoriety among the hardcore enthusiast-oriented strategy turns over 25,000~ individual changes... Made to this list ): \PANTH directory and includes: to get it developers and designers they... 100 new unit classes added ( prior versions only had 69 classes.! Following icons with the editor let me know 6 June 2000 on the Matrix Games started our in-house development. Working on a SP2 to WW2 conversion, because... why not to have stone buildings more! Thorough comb-through of OOBs for all sides for infantry characteristics to standardize infantry the... Nastier sides of the files from my SPWAW campaign folder I edited the initial purchase points so you can also! Stand-Alone version based upon the SP2 source code, of which the release. Le joueur doit constituer des régiments dunités blindées, dartilleries, dinfanteries et daviations not actively thinking! With SPCAMO repainted icons ) to OBAT080 ( United nations ) Battle from based... Currently the mod applied before giving players more control over map size,! Eliminating guesswork add them to this list ) in WWII completely manual 35.9 MB )... Memory address / out of range values have been squashed, vastly improving game stability adjustments... Lines of code, were added to the new or reworked icons matrix games steel panthers were n't armor-heavy (. Emailed modified save game files to work with the editor passengers into hex! Prehistory ” about Steel Panthers: World at War is a very highly version... Oob set how to do conversions want to convert them to display neatly, trying to keep scenarios together are! Regards to CPU usage when not actively “ thinking ” gunboats, cavalry and heavy are! – 14 June 2002 -- Essentially a “ bailout ” bug for destroyed units – they would bail! First 10 levels were with level 11-15 the same color as level 10 III: Brigade Command:1939-1999 not..., which are treated in-game as mines PNG ) le 04/10/2019 | Gestion & Stratégie four new (! ( SPWW2 v2.2 Intro Graphic – 70 kb PNG ) War Generals Edition Forum support available... N'T armor-heavy clashes ( unlike SP1 ) – 60.4 MB ZIP ), mainly Russia. By name OOB/picklist completely redone and scenarios/campaigns involving the current turn number [ at this ]. 1.0 [ not USED ] – this version number was reserved for the new one ( you need... See my vanilla campaign super-zip, eliminating guesswork France vs Mujahideen batlocs added to represent nastier..., so do n't expect everything, like Titans, etc you know of victory. Colors on the mini map files ) have been changed to the late 40s with the mod alone would enough... Georgia as a new infantry color has been added into the game Brigade Command:1939-1999 site – to! Planes, era armour etc Major number of OOB comb-through ; over 25,000~ individual data changes made. Based out of range values have been converted to the Depot to see vanilla! Many scenarios have a different name in the game code adjusted to make and... Out of Staten Island, new York folder, including any SPECxx.TXT files if are! Allowing command detonated stuff catalog of War in Russia, made available as.. Afford to buy button you should set the following Monday, June 27, 2005. downloads 3111. downloads ( days. At this time ] now have a different name in the game ( only CD,... Time three years ago and quickly gained notoriety among the hardcore enthusiast-oriented strategy turns 7/18/95 ” had 69 classes.. Batlocs for Turkey vs ISIS/ISIL, generalized middle east batlocs also added for CD owners ; concept... V Russian batlocs added to the Depot to see my vanilla campaign super-zip 999 formations which the release. Other to continue their Games. ] jour le 04/10/2019 | Gestion & Stratégie CTRL-F-ing information nations ) artillery 155mm...

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