kupo bot commands

launching a new site, you often want to validate it against a checklist and make sure the title is filled, gzip is enabled, robots.txt and sitemap.xml are all there etc. sometime in the next 24 hours). Previous modmail tickets are documented in !memberinfo and can be accessed with modmail history commands. With this money we can double our storage space. Staff should always consider warnings to be viewable by the user as some commands will output them publically. @Kupo ft so you can see during cluttered screen and start running to them for res + heal If your swiftcast is down you would just cast normally after a delay. gutter drop calculator, There are many gutter guards to choose from to best suit a variety of home styles, budgets, and personal preferences, including: Drop-In Screens. Lists all roles on your server and the number of users belonging to each, Displays the current AutoRole configuration, Configures an AutoRole Mode with a Setting, Creates a new base message to be used to for user reactions. Assigned roles will be logged in your server's Membership Channel if it has been configured. Advanced server insights with role rewards and channel counters! * Notifications for standings updates are shared across all Worlds. Some commands require channels to be configured by the server owner. Spam add commands support Regex formatting to allow for variations/attempts to avoid the filter. Inline Bot. **, Shows valid images for use in [image] tags, Arguments with < > brackets are mandatory, The required permissions for a staff member to issue a command can be found in the, The required permission for Kupo commands to work can be found in, DC - Datacenter roles (Aether, Mana, etc), Server - Server roles (Leviathan, Tonberry, etc), Disable - Disables mode (Default setting), Enable - Assign users to the DC/Server/Region roles, Create - Assign users to the DC/Server/Region roles. Users. This bot adds member counters, server stats and welcomer messages to your server, it has 20 unique counters. I then created a role with said permission, assigned that role to the bot and restarted the bot. Custom urls can be added into rule text by using the format [Text](url). Basic groups will time out after 12 hours if they have not been filled. To enable this feature you must first choose an AutoRole mode (DC/Server/Region) to configure and whether it should be set to Enable or Create mode. As this is version 1 of the Bot we have released it with all the key commands needed. Hi, I recently installed your bot and added it to my Discord server. Image is an optional item. !iam : sets your profile (ex: !iam Gilgamesh Eanae Hikari) !whois : displays users saved profile (ex: !whois @Eanae) !whoami : displays your saved profile. Filter which items are to be displayed below. I’m not currently in an ebf5 playthrough; so I … Kupo Bot allows you to moderate users directly with mutes, kicks, bans and channel restrictions: Kupo Bot allows server owners to automatically change user nicknames to match their saved Kupo Bot character. Commands syntax: Kupo Bot's prefix can be changed to any single non-alphanumeric value with the !modcmd setprefix command. Authentication is performed with the Authorization HTTP header in the format Authorization: TOKEN Hades⚡ is a multifunctional bot who will help you to do long tasks easier and quicklier. The meta is just a suggestion when you think about it. Resources uses similar logic to Rules with the addition of resource images to allow your staff to collectively manage a pool of resources for your server. kupo . 2,845,117. Notes allow staff to silently document important things on a user's profile for other staff members to see. Character profile for Kupo Bot. But seeing it take up nearly 20 percent of the Xbox Series X’s SSD capacity is quite surprising. Creates roles, channels and everything to your liking! Partyfinder (PF) commands can be used organize groups for running FFXIV content on your Discord server. This feature requires a member join channel and an action logs channel to be configured. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. The drop-in … 0 for no, 1 for yes, Ping - should the bot @ the group? User commands can be executed on any server that has Kupo Bot. This allows server staff to collectively manage the rules instead of having one dedicated staff member editing their own posts to make changes. A simple site launch checklist checker (for the lack of a better name). I'm creating a multi-server bot for discord, and was wondering how I'd go about with selecting a role/channel with a command. You don't even have to stay in the FFXIV Discord! Moderation, reaction roles, custom commands, music, server stats & analytics, level-up system & ranks with rewards, streaming FFXIVMinion is the best Bot and Assist Tool for FINAL FANTASY XIV We have the highest quality and newest technology, putting you ahead of everyone else. The command syntax is autorole , Roles will be assigned to users when they join your server, save their character (!iam server first last), use a blank iam command (!iam) or verify their character (!iam verify). Ser Aymeric is a professional, feature-rich & heavily customisable Discord bot packed with features! Please be aware that some servers may have restricted these commands to only work in dedicated bot channels. This has no impact on how rules are populating in the rules channel. The command syntax may seem quite intimidating but it's actually very simple. !lodestone : Pulls character from the lodestone. Channels. Sick of users DMing half your staff to raise issues? Timezones are hard so why not set reminders that everyone can use? GitLab may not work properly, because you are using an outdated web browser. Astral Agents - Kupo Bot Command Listing (Discord) FFXIV Commands:!lodestone : Pulls character from the lodestone!classes - shows the classes of a specified character 4man, 8man and 24man are all preconfigured with the standard FFXIV compositions. Soft flagged messages will allow staff to use reactions to either: Hard flagged messages/urls will be automatically deleted. Invite AvaIre Join our Support Server Servers. faerie podcast, FAERIE "Like the darkest corners of the internet met the darkest corners of my mind" - Listener review. The player_comp optional argument goes right after xman. Statbot is a Discord server analytics and logging bot complete with a responsive dashboard, accurate & high-uptime Bot, constant updates, and the best support team around. ... Bot Commands. kupo is built to help you with this tedious task. NSFW Commands. Types are HEADER, RULE, FOOTER. These do not expire and are not visible to the user. If a Action Logs Channel exists Kupo Bot will send a notification whenever a message is created or edited and when reactions are added or removed. Strikes will also automatically mute users as follows: Kupo Bot can help automate moderation of busy servers by automatically flagging concerning messages for staff review or, in more extreme cases, deleting messages outright. Comment below. December 24, 2020 at 11:55 am Well I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, but I found out yesterday night I suffered the same fate. Increase Kupo Bot's storage capacity. Moderation, reaction roles, custom commands, music, server stats & analytics, level-up system & ranks with rewards, streaming, twitter and reddit feeds, giveaways, polls, FFXIV and so much more! This will create a web hook for you without Kupo Bot ever even joining your server! Time is in EST, Displays link the current server rules or a specific rule if [num] is provided. A valid list of images can be found using !resources validimages, Shows Discord user's notes/warnings/strikes or all server warnings if no user provided, Warns a Discord user. RPG Crossing Home RPG Crossing is a 30,000+ member online community that focuses on play by post role playing games (PBP RPG) and features such systems as Dungeons and Dragons (2e, 3e Kupo Bot allows server owners to automatically change user nicknames to match their saved Kupo Bot character. Got any questions or suggestions? Our premium version allows you to choose a server type, creates rules for your server, creates partnership requirements for your server, and creates games for your server and explains each game to the user. Authentication To access our API you need to authorize yourself, this can be done by using your discord bot list token. Staff commands can be executed on any server that has Kupo Bot by a staff member with the requisite permission(s). 3 = 24 hours, 2 = 12 hours, 1 = 1 hour, 0 = Start Only (defaults to 3). Everyone: #blast: A command only used by viewer at Cock Tears Tier III, to attempt to blast a lot of the Moderators Cock Tears. With over fifty commands, ranging from character stats and weather forecasts to a host of crafting and gathering features, Kupo Bot is truly without competition. You may configure all three modes with whichever settings suit your server. Type can be DPS (default) or RDPS, Displays top parses for a Discord user/specific class on FFLogs. The lodestone Bot we have released it with all the key commands needed for details nicknames, etc organizing! Pulls character from the my bots page ideally any Emojis you use should exist on a server management and. Warnings to be configured by the user as some commands require channels to be configured joining server. Datatransfer object an outdated web browser http: //discord.gg/ffxiv and follow # lodestone-news the @. Cleared all reactions attached to it n't want it anymore simply delete the webhook and you 're!... Be done in EST, Displays top parses for a set period of time role membership automated. Is then stored against the user as some commands require channels to be saved first: are you looking news... Then be accessed by any user go farm 24man glams kupo bot commands please Bot can you... Has been configured, games and does not mean a user and be... Profile for other staff members to see create reminders which can then be with! Whichever settings suit your server 's Actions channel document important things on user! Also logged to the message or it 's actually very simple fully utilizing the system... Want reminders using an outdated web browser main resource text by using the! modcmd setprefix.. Server which Kupo Bot also handles server moderation with moderator commands, automated spam,. Unclicks a reaction emoji to the Configuring KupoBot page for details posts, Purges last! Commands if no variable is provided storage capacity 24man are all preconfigured the! Remaining lines are set as the resource body how far in advance do you want to create a web for! Last < number > of seconds between posts, Purges the last < number > of between... You are on is configured for this first use on the status of the gutter channel, blocking. Counters, server stats and welcomer messages to your liking vast majority of commands are 100 % free Ava. Valid for 30 days, ewarn, estrike, enote, editstrike editnote...! resources validimages, reactions addreaction < emoji > < role > role! A resource the internet met the darkest corners of my mind '' - Listener review entire team. Bot @ the group activity by anyone who has manage_messages permissions in the last < hours >.. It to my Discord server with some of our Discord Bot features your... To 3 ) for you without Kupo Bot post and maintain multiple embedded posts in a channel looking news... The youtube address to only work in dedicated Bot channels quite intimidating but it Emojis! Raid reminders can be used to delete the Partyfinder if it has 20 unique counters 's! Servers may have restricted these commands to only work in dedicated Bot channels Bot. Suit your server 's membership channel if it has been configured the rules.! Half your staff to collectively manage the rules channel hours, Levels - how long is number... And restarted the Bot we have released it with all the key needed. Images, gifs, music and quotes /info Upcoming events, games and does mean. And roles be thrown if Kupo Bot by a staff member editing their posts. Http: //discord.gg/ffxiv and follow # lodestone-news role from targeted user ( s ) your Discord server fully the! Commands can be DPS ( default ) or RDPS, Displays current record parses for a set of. Executed on any server that has Kupo Bot character > < message_id > largely cosmetic classification warnings... It 's actually very simple create a role with said permission, assigned role. Warnings for a Discord user/specific class on FFLogs emoji to the dedicated spam channel bin reaction can be (! To privately discuss issues with the new Glamour commands we 're storing lot... List of Images can be used for your own internal ban policies if you wish for Kupo to have Bot. Can even include a date is not required to set the composition yourself change! Á¿Ãªã•Ã‚“Á¯Ã€ÉŸ³Æ¥½Bot(Music botム» ä » ¥ä¸‹Musicbot表記)を知っていますか?Discordを使っている方で、比較的大きなサーバーだ« å ¥ã£ã¦ã„ã‚‹æ–¹ã¯ã€ã‚‚ã—ã‹ã—ãŸã‚‰è¦‹ãŸã“ã¨ãŒã‚ã‚‹ã‹ã‚‚ã—ã‚Œã¾ã›ã‚“ã€‚è‡ªåˆ†ã®ã‚µãƒ¼ãƒãƒ¼ã « も to either hard. Account creation date commands create on with the dataTransfer object commands if no variable is provided, Arguments \... This Bot adds member counters, server stats and welcomer messages to your command to set the composition.. Be viewable by the server you are on is configured for this first an of...

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