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Combined with Submittals, you now have a solution for every step in the submittal process. In January, PlanGrid took Submittal accessibility to the next level with the release of a Submittal Packages list on mobile, making it easy for field teams to reference package details or sync attachments for offline viewing. Following AIA standards and quality assured, PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log includes everything needed–product data, shop drawings and closeouts–to assign submittals to subcontractors. Place and find docs right in your plans and at your fingertips. Automatic submittal log Upload your spec book to automatically create a submittal log in minutes. Sort and Filter Submittals on Mobile. With PlanGrid’s Submittals, you can quickly and easily manage your entire submittals process. Using the ASL tool to generate a submittals log. For iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows. Items can be created manually or uploaded in bulk using a spreadsheet. The humble request for information (RFI) may seem simple when considered alone. If you don’t have Submittals or ASL activated, contact us at. We created an excellent example for PlanGrid submittals and how the software can speed up your work. Regardless if your spec book is 100 or 2,000 pages long, PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log knows exactly what to do. 5m 33s 2. Quick videos for our annotation tools and features to get you up and running with PlanGrid in a flash. PlanGrid API versioning follows semantic versioning. Connect PlanGrid with software you already know and love. Effectively manage submittals through every step of the approval process. Plus, learn how to prepare for OAC meetings using automated weekly reports and logs. Simplify your workflows to better manage RFIs and Submittals. After a Submitter has completed a submittals package, the Submittal Manager can review the package and pass it to Reviewers, who approve, reject, or leave notes for revision. Keep your project on track by seeing exactly where each submittal is in the review process. With an immediate list of submittal register items, which can be uploaded to PlanGrid, submittal reviews are accelerated so building can start sooner. This software will find all of the submittals, organize them accordingly, and send them out for distribution across the entire duration of a project. Subcontractors, vendors, architects, or other reviewers are also able to use Submittals—even if they don’t have a PlanGrid account. PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log includes everything you need — all relevant product data, shop drawings, and closeouts — to assign submittal register items to subcontractors and accelerate the submittals process. The No 1 construction software to align the field and office, save on labour, and never work from an outdated blueprint. Getting Started with PlanGrid Submittals and Automatic Submittal Log The PlanGrid Way There’s a better way to assemble the Submittal Log thanks to the PlanGrid Automatic Submittal Log (ASL). At any point in the process you’re able to easily export all of your Submittals to PDF, and every week on Monday you’ll receive a weekly report with an export of your dashboard. Submittals and ASL are paid additions to PlanGrid that are only available on PlanWeb and are enabled at the organizational level. The data that is produced is in a format that is exactly what we have been searching for. To use Submittals, the Submittal Manager first enters items for submittal into the system. For more information, see Automatic Submittal Log. Download iOS Android Windows. Online and offline, PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log does the hard work for you. The PlanGrid submittals module sets itself apart because of a visual workflow that lets you know exactly where the submittal stands in the process. Any PlanGrid API version will be of the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. While gathering information to answer a question or adjust a design may only take a … With an immediate list of submittal register items and combined with Submittals, you now have everything you need to accelerate the submittals process. Submittals FAQs Used on over 1 million projects around the world, PlanGrid is the first construction productivity software that allows contractors and owners in commercial, heavy civil, and other industries to work and collaborate from anywhere. Automate your administrative tasks and manual data entry. It provides a complete submittals solution from specification to the field.. It provides a complete submittals solution from specification to the field.. Online and offline, PlanGrid does the hard work for you. Upload your spec book to automatically create a submittal log in minutes. Take control of how your team collaborates with separate, private spaces. PlanGrid is mobile-first, field collaboration software. I agree to the Terms of Use and the use of my personal information as described in the Privacy Statement. Approved submittals can be published to share it with a team in the field. Export or email exactly what you’re seeing, and where it is on the plans. From automatically creating a submittal register log to seamlessly tracking all of submittal items at once, PlanGrid Submittals makes the process easier and more efficient than ever. To begin, click on the “Submittals" icon in PlanGrid.

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